Configure Smart Contracts with Optimal Functionality


The evolution of blockchain technology has paved the way for a technological revolution. Digital consumers now have the ability to explore a new generation of services thanks to the development of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts. These allocations allow creators and developers to have comprehensive control over their digital transactions through secure blockchain configurations.

Introduction to Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are digital tools that allow developers to implement executable instructions automatically on the blockchain. The contracts automatically get executed when defined conditions are met. These programs are automated to streamline agreement execution and ensure that all participants of the contract are able to have certainty over the conclusion of the contract.

These contracts work by implementing iterative conditional statements coded into the blockchain. The network then executes the outcome when the pre-established conditions are satisfied. The blockchain is then updated with a detailed record of the completion of the contract. This ensures that the transaction is immutable and cannot be altered. Only parties with established permissions can see the outcome of smart contracts on the blockchain. Due to their cutting-edge nature, these contracts are already being implemented by leading organizations to streamline transaction management across different use cases.

Changing the Game – Applications of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are paving the way to the creation of an entirely new economy. These contracts automate digital transactions while ensuring that the involved stakeholders are able to have assurance over the execution of the defined conditions. These contracts are opening doors to the following practical applications.

Art and Music Sales

Across the entertainment industry, it is common for artists to struggle with revenue-share agreements. Despite having legal reassurances, there are countless stories of artists complaining about unfair treatment. Smart contracts are simplifying this process by ensuring that the revenue from music sales is automatically distributed amongst the involved stakeholders based on the terms of the initial agreement.

Secondary Sales Market

Smart contracts have been the primary factor in the creation of secondary sales markets. From gaming items to art purchases, smart contracts enable the creation of non-fungible tokens that can be efficiently sold on digital platforms. Smart contracts also enable the addition of allocations to allow creators to receive percentages from secondary market sales. This is expanding the global selling ecosystem and creating an entirely new economy.

Real Estate Transactions

Smart contracts are changing the real estate and finance industry by automating contracts for involved stakeholders. Real estate companies can seamlessly ensure that the brokers, agents, appraisers, and other involved parties are able to receive their share once the payment is executed. This is revolutionizing the industry and enhancing efficiency significantly.


Configure Smart Contracts for Your Business

The Diviverse allows you to streamline smart contract implementation by providing you with across-the-board development support. Our qualified experts ensure that your contracts are effectively configured with the required allocations to protect your interests. We have comprehensive experience delivering smart contracts via out robust team of Blockchain talen around the globe.  Fill out the below form and we will contact you to learn more about your needs.

Let’s Talk!

Our team of experts are here to help you grow your business online! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Sunday good people. Rest up and grind with me for a week we might be blessed to see. All for now.

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Meet the 3D version of Social Lex Luthor using 2D art. You need NFTs and Metaverse art? We got ya'll!

#nftartist #nftart #nft #metaverse #2danimation #3danimation

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Our new Lovetoons service is ready to go! You get illustrated and animated episodes just like the one you see here, collaboration with artists, and we offer flexible payment terms as well.

Capture those first dates, marriage proposals, weddings, anniversaries, and anything about your relationship that is funny, heartfelt, and worth making a movie out of. I am sure plenty of people will watch your production.

DM us with questions!

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Today is the Official Launch of our new Lovetoons Animation Service! 💗

Enjoy Episode 1 of our Lovetoon "Aquareo" and DM us for pricing, project details and to secure 1 of the 5 slots available for this Month of Love!

Suprise your significant other with an invitation to create an animation of your precious memorable moments to look back on and share with your closest friends and family.

Reenact Your funny moments such as the first time you met, anniversaries, proposals, etc!

Voices and story by Zuirrae & Jae @sheimaginedsweets & @divignerweb

Animations by @divignerweb

#2danimation #2dmovie #illustration #valentines

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Meet Social Lex Luthor, your local Dopamine dealer. He is the first of our NFT "Divi Supers" project. We are all his best customers, sadly.

Hit us up for help with your NFT projects or whatever Metaverse ask you have. We here!

#nft #nftart #nftartist #socialmediamanager

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I am so excited to announce the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of The DiviVerse! This is the place for future dwelling, forward thinking, enthusiastic and early adopting business owners and rising talent that wishes to understand how The Metaverse can position them for future success.

We are not claiming to know all there is to know but we probably got plenty of answers for you. Come walk down this path with us. Let us be the light on to your pathways on this trail. This is the beginning of Web 3.0. Guys like me know the signs as we have seen it before.

Let's build something together. Visit the site, read up, save this post, send this post to someone or just hit us up to start a conversation: 732.328.2407.

The next wave my people and me are looking into is Metaverse Game Development. It's dangerously endless. Show us your imagination and we will execute with you.

Be blessed always in love, wellness and success!

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Divigner Designs is now Divigner Group. We got a lot going on and so we are introducing new divisions to better serve our clients.

1) Divigner Designs - Digital Marketing

2) DiviStudios - Visual Arts

3) DiviVerse - NFT & Metaverse

4) AfterGuard - Geek Squad for software and other day-to-day tech issues

5) DiviGov - Government Solutions

6) Anchor of Lite - Technical Healthcare Solutions

More to come as we venture into the uncertainties of 2022. We all still have to eat no matter what. Check back soon!

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We started building my custom avatar for #decentraland #thesand and other #metaverse environments. It is easy to use avatar builders but they can only go so far.

When you decide to go full custom, come holla at us in the DiviVerse. Send us pics of your face (front, back of head, side) and the body type you desire. From there we illustrate, configure you to be animated in your metaverse of choice and lastly, our #blockchaindevelopers get you Ready on some Player One stuff.

Disclaimer: This metaverse stuff is dangerous. Be easy with it. Enter at own risk. For real. Until then, #DiviVerse gotta eat! 🙂

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Introducing The DiviVerse! Divigner Group's newest division 100% focused on helping entrepreneurs to step into the Metaverse! Don't know about it? You will soon enough.

We will be providing business owners (the smart early adopters) NFT Artwork, NFT Wearables creation & configuration, custom Avatar design and configuration that will be compatible in any metaverse.

For those of you with plans to rent or purchase digital land in the forthcoming metaverses (Meta Horizons, Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblux etc.), we can help you design it and open your doors!

If I lost you that is okay, you will catch on soon. Come holla when you ready. Save this post.

#metaverse #nft #wearables #avatar #landdesigner #blockchaindevelopers #roblox #fortnite #sandbox #oculusquest2 #vr #entrepreneurlife

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Cartoons about your love life? Yeah we got you!

#2danimation #lovetoons #aquareolove

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When looking at this truck you might not realize how old it is. This truck is old AF! It clocks in at 210K miles and was released in 2005. It's a reliable Chevy Trailblazer. It's been everywhere. She got some new boots for the winter to tackle these bumpy North NJ and NYC roads.

Something goes bad almost monthly though (she old!). Why do I keep it? Why don't I upgrade? Well you see, the day I decided to "cut the cord" from my employer, I wrapped my only car so that everytime I saw it I knew I had to keep going. I destroyed the way back to that employer and never turned back.

For all of you thinking about making the leap, what will you "wrap" to keep you motivated after doing so?

I just can't cut anybody off in this damn thing ever! 😅 They will key the wrap or leave fake Google reviews on me LOL

#entrepreneurship #digitalmarketing #webdesign #webdeveloper #socialmediamarketing #searchengineoptimization #2danimation #mobileappdevelopment #videoproduction #videography

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Introducing The DiviVerse! Divigner Group’s newest division 100% focused on helping entrepreneurs to step into the Metaverse!
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We will be providing business owners (the smart early adopters) NFT Artwork, NFT Wearables Creation & Configuration, Custom Avatar Design and Configuration that will be compatible in any metaverse More details to be provided on our forthcoming site:
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Anchor is building new tools to assist cancer patients and caregivers traverse the painful trails of the cancer journey. Our focus is to
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